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Crypto Watchers Eye TG.Casino ($TGC) to Steal GameFi Coin Crown After it Powers Past $3m in ICO

NEW YORK, Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — – Telegram-based casino TG.Casino could be about to steal the GameFi coin crown according to a growing roster of crypto watchers after powering past $3 million in its ICO, with only $2 million left to be snapped up by eager investors.

TG.Casino players can gamble online without KYC because all users need is a Telegram account and a crypto-funded wallet to get started. Already more than 2,000 players are in regular attendance, to date wagering $20 million on the casino, live events and sportsbook.

Presale buyers can immediately start staking newly purchased tokens to earn a generous three-figure annual percentage yield (APY). There are also exclusive benefits for presale buyers active on the platform.

Post-launch there will be even more benefits for $TGC token holders, including exclusive post-launch NFTs and other rewards for high-roller presalers who invest $5,000 or more (see more information on this below).

There are only four days to go before the presale price of the $TGC token increases, so theres no time to lose to grab the lowest available prices. A token sellout looms as there are now less than 40% of tokens left for purchase.

In the ongoing presale the $TGC token price increases by $0.005 every five days until the hard cap of $5 million is reached. $TGC is currently priced at $0.17; the starting price of the coin in presale was $0.16.

As the TG.Casino raise total closes in on the $5 million finish line, the run rate is accelerating because investors dont want to miss out on this chance to buy the coin at what could be its lowest ever prices.

If more encouragement to contribute is needed, the team announced an airdrop on November 10 of 16% of the total token supply, taking place in four stages. Full details are available on Telegram.


TG.Casino is licensed, audited, and KYC’d

Helping to seal the deal for investors is TG.Casinos Curaçao gambling license, making it one of the few crypto gaming platforms on Telegram that is 100% licensed.

The project was verified by Assure DeFi and issued their KYC certificate on November 10. This certificate also means the team member leading on the verification was subjected to multiple ID checks, which is a far more robust process than merely checking someone out on LinkedIn.

The project was verified by Assure DeFi and issued with a KYC certificate on November 10. This certificate also means that the team member who was verified was subjected to multiple ID checks, which is a far more robust process than merely checking someone out on LinkedIn.

In addition, security firm Coinsult has conducted an audit of the project smart contract and no major issues were found.

Top crypto analysts are coming in behind $TG.Casino

Top crypto analysts whose followers on X together amount to hundreds of thousands of followers have taken notice of TG.Casino and its unique selling points, hence a flurry of recent bullish posts for the $TGC token and the ecosystem it serves.

Just some of the crypto notables who have taken notice of TG.Casino are Eric Cryptoman, Poe, Sibel, Erik Stevens, CTM, CheatCoiner, Wizard of Soho and Dogen.

Eric Cryptoman says he has personally invested big into the public presale” but of course potential investors should conduct their own due diligence. Interestingly, Eric Cryptoman refers to rumors that the team behind the project owns a Web2 business valued at nine figures, but there is no public information available to confirm this.

In a later post on November 16, Eric shared his belief that TG.Casino has the potential to capture market share from competitors“.


TG.Casino leading the charge to shake up the $262 billion online gambling industry

Theres a revolution going on in gaming and TG.Casino is leading the charge. Online gambling is a booming industry estimated in 2021 at a market size of $262 billion. Probably its most exciting sector is crypto – GameFi – which at present is valued at only about 1% of the total market, so there is a huge runway ahead for growth.

According to a recent Statista Digital Market Insights, the sportsbook market alone generated $43.5 billion in revenue globally this year.

TG.Casino is perfectly positioned to grab a share of this expanding pie because of its innovative Telegram posture but also because crypto tech is so well suited for gaming and gambling.

Decentralized networks are more efficient and cheaper to run than legacy systems. Blockchain technology also provides the transparency and security to guarantee that all games are provably fair. Deposits and withdrawals are instant as well.

TG.Casino‘s buyback, staking rewards, exclusives and high-roller NFTs set it apart from competitors

The ecosystems frictionless customer onboarding makes it particularly attractive to the gambling demographic, and doubly so given the overlap of the gaming and gambling segment with crypto communities.

Furthermore, the TG.Casino platform has a unique buyback design that is particularly alluring, effectively enabling all $TGC token holders to enjoy a share of the profits.

A percentage of daily profits will be used to fund a buyback mechanism in which 40% of the allotted funds get burned and 60% to community rewards. The burn program is price-supportive because it increases the scarcity, and therefore the value, of the remaining $TGC tokens.

Meanwhile, those who choose to buy and stake today can earn  194% annual percentage yield. Not surprisingly perhaps, 76% of all purchased $TGC has been staked and rewards of nearly 5 million $TGC has been paid out. 20.2 million $TGC tokens have been staked.

The APY is set dynamically, depending on how much is deposited into the staking contract and the proportion held in each wallet.   

While staking provides $TGC coin holders with a route to passive income, with its closest crypto casino competitors you have to pay for the luxury of staking, as each stake incurs a fee of 0.20% of the amount staked.

Although competitor coins do offer reduced fees for holders of native tokens, and ithere can be extras such as entry into lotteries, there is no passive income stream provided in the way that TG.Casino does.

There are no high-roller rewards either, giving TG.Casino is yet another advantage.

Buyers of $5,000 or more $TGC tokens in presale receive major NFT rewards:

  • 50% staked tokens bonus from buybacks
  • 10% casino credits 5x wagering
  • 5% rakeback on house edge every week (double for $TGC)
  • Seasonal rewards
    Commemorative limited edition NFT

The staked token bonus multiplies the staking rewards from token buybacks, which start when the token launches. Reward distributions begin when $TGC is launched.

There are more high-roller rewards options available for players who wager $100,000 or more (Gold) or $250,000 or more (Diamond).

200% rakeback, plus place bets using $TGC and get 25% net cash-back

User growth has accelerated since TG Casino went live and the token was fully integrated into the platform. Helping to fuel growth has been the 200% rakeback bonus up-to 10 ETH.

Now fully integrated into the TG Casino platform, burgeoning demand-side incentive has fostered renewed interest in the $TGC token courtesy of a unique cashback opportunity.

Players are able to place bets across the TG Casino bot using most leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and stablecoins such as Tether (USDT), players betting using the $TGC token are eligible for a 25% net cash-back on losses.

This added measure not only incentivizes buy pressure in the $TGC tokenomics, but also offers you the opportunity to balance your high-risk wagers with a layer of protection on your bottom line.

Keeping you in the game for longer, crypto gambling enthusiasts are now flocking to the TG Casino platform to make the most of their gambling balance.

TG.Casino now has 9,968 members of its Telegram channel and 10k followers X, where interested parties can keep up to date with all the latest news and product developments concerning the project.

100x gains could be incoming for $TGC says crypto analyst

One of the top crypto influencers on YouTube, Crypto V.O. with more than 300,000 subscribers, believes TG.Casino is the next 100x presale gem. With 16,000 having watched his video there are likely many more who now agree with him:

Is This the Next 100x Pre-sale Gem? 

Another crypto YouTuber making a name for himself reckons TG.Casino could be the ultimate crypto game-changer.

Crypto media is taking notice too. Coinpedia, Business Insider, Cryptonews and Finbold are just some of the websites that have covered the latest GameFi coin to catch fire in the crypto space.

As crypto gears up for the next bull market, the GameFi sector and projects such as TG.Casino will be a home for much of the new money coming in, and for the funds of savvy investors whove already spotted the trend.

With revenues set to continue expanding, TG.Casino is a rare crypto presale that is already doing business and making money. The project is also audited and doxxed and its token is selling today at its lowest price, so even a modest investment could generate substantial returns.

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2287026/TG_Casino_raised_3m_dollars.jpg


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