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Important Announcement for GWG L Bond Investors: WDT Trustee Confirms Minimal Recovery for L Bondholders

KlaymanToskes Continues Representing GWG L Bond Investors in FINRA Arbitration Claims for Investment Losses

Beneficient (NASDAQ:BENF)

NEW YORK, NY, US, January 30, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — National investment loss attorneys KlaymanToskes reports that the GWG Wind Down Trustee filed new financials yesterday revealing that L bondholders can anticipate to recover, at best, a small fraction of what they are owed from GWG’s bankruptcy. KlaymanToskes encourages all GWG L Bondholders who suffered investment losses to pursue FINRA arbitration claims to recover their investment losses, by contacting the firm immediately at 888-997-9956.

In late 2023, the United States Bankruptcy Judge Marin Isgur announced that he continues “to believe that the [GWG] L Bondholders will lose a very large percentage of their investments.” This was confirmed yesterday by the GWG Wind Down Trustee’s good faith valuation of GWG’s net assets at $200 million – only 12% of the $1.6 billion in L Bond investments. The financials also state that the value of the trust’s interest in Beneficent common equity (NASDAQ: BENF) may be “materially less” than reported, lessening potential recoveries even further.

Accordingly, it is in L bondholders best legal interest to pursue FINRA arbitration claims against brokerage firms that sold this illiquid investment to maximize their recoveries.

If you purchased GWG L Bonds through any of the following brokerage firms, contact KlaymanToskes immediately to discuss your recovery options:

– Western International Securities

– Centaurus Financial

– Emerson Equity

– Moloney Securities

– Newbridge Securities

– Coastal Equities

– R.F. Lafferty

– Arkadios Capital

– Arete Wealth Management

– Capital Investment Group

– Ni Advisors, and

– B.B. Graham & Company.

Investors who suffered significant losses in GWG L Bonds are encouraged to contact KlaymanToskes to discuss recovery options at 888-997-9956, or fill out a short contact form for a free and confidential consultation.

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KlaymanToskes is a leading national securities law firm which practices exclusively in the field of securities arbitration on behalf of retail and institutional investors throughout the world in large and complex securities matters. The firm has recovered over $250 million in FINRA arbitrations and over $350 million in other securities litigation matters. KlaymanToskes has office locations in California, Florida, New York, and Puerto Rico.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/685040329/important-announcement-for-gwg-l-bond-investors-wdt-trustee-confirms-minimal-recovery-for-l-bondholders

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