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Shanghai Taste Shares Xiao Long Bao Folding Tips on Fox 5 Vegas

Shanghai Taste Shares Xiao Long Bao Folding Tips on Fox 5 Vegas

Chinatown’s Shanghai Taste shares Xiao Long Bao secrets on Fox 5 Vegas! Learn the art of these soup dumplings from the acclaimed Xiao Long Bao masters

It was fantastic being on Fox 5 Vegas and showcasing our dumplings! They even garnered national attention—the host was eager to learn and we were happy to show. We love sharing our culinary secrets”

— ShangHai Taste

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Renowned Chinatown eatery, Shanghai Taste, recently delighted viewers on Fox 5 Vegas, showcasing their expertise in crafting the beloved Xiao Long Bao. Chef Jimmy Li, alongside one of his skilled dumpling masters, unveiled the meticulous art of folding these delicate soup dumplings, offering a glimpse into their culinary magic.

From humble beginnings in Chinatown, Shanghai Taste has captivated Las Vegas with its authentic Shanghainese street food, particularly its prized Xiao Long Bao. These soup dumplings, known for their thin, translucent skin and flavorful broth, require a specific folding technique to achieve their signature perfection.

On Fox 5 Vegas’ “More Local Vegas” segment, Chef Li patiently revealed the intricate steps involved in creating the perfect Xiao Long Bao fold. Viewers witnessed the precise pinching, twisting, and pleating required to trap the delicious broth and filling within the delicate dough. This rare glimpse into their culinary secrets offered viewers a unique opportunity to learn from the masters and elevate their dumpling-making skills.

More than just a restaurant, Shanghai Taste strives to share the rich culinary heritage of Shanghai with the Las Vegas community. Their appearance on Fox 5 Vegas embodies this commitment, allowing viewers to connect with their culture and passion for food.

Want to master the art of Xiao Long Bao folding? Don’t worry if you missed the live segment! Watch the full video demonstration on Fox 5 Vegas’ website and follow Shanghai Taste on social media (@ShanghaitasteLV) for ongoing culinary inspiration and updates.

About Shanghai Taste:

Born In the heart of Las Vegas Chinatown, Shanghai Taste offers a vibrant and authentic Shanghainese culinary experience. They are renowned for their delicious elevated Shanghai street food, particularly their award-winning Xiao Long Bao. Led by Chef Jimmy Li, a James Beard Award semifinalist, their passion for quality ingredients and traditional techniques shines through in every dish.

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Making Asian buns with Shanghai Taste

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